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The History behind Clapham & Tootings success


Why TaeKwon-Do? Why Clapham?

"TaeKwon-Do is the most dynamic, exciting and exhilerating martial art going." That is the view of the Clapham& Tooting schools students. Known for its amazing kicks, it enables an individual to gain fitness, flexibility and a means to help defend themselves.
The Clapham school started back in 1997 with only 3 students. Since then it has grown in size and reputation with well over 100 having registered.Being probably the only club to have 4 female black belts graded at one time, it is known for its equal mix of both male and female participants.
The Tooting school has been established for over 30 years under the watchful eye of Master Sangha VIII dan. A dedicated teacher of TaeKwon-Do, master Sangha has been instructor to over 200 black belts, Mr Snelders 6th dan being honoured to now take over the task.
The friendly atmosphere allows all to learn at their own pace, and with the support and knowledge of the seniors.
Achievements have seen novice and experienced members gain individual and team medals both at home and abroad.
The school adheres very much to the traditional ideals in both physical and mental approach to a martial art. This means that anyone may come and try, but not all will be accepted. Its said that 1 in 100 males and 1 in 200 females may gain the coveted black belt. Will that someone be you?

About the Instructor

Instructor Mr M. Snelders VI dan (left)

I took my first TaeKwon-Do lesson at the end of 1982 in Leicester. From that moment on I was hooked. I still stand by the fact that it was the level of tuition and not the art that first  drew me back time and time again.. But after a few weeks I realised how incredible TKD could be, and what a personal challenge it was to perservere no matter how small the steps were in my progress.
After a few years break, due to education and then touring around with my work, I settled in south London and began to look for a suitable school. In 1992 after being disappointed by 4 different clubs I met with Master Sangha then a 4th degree. Through Master Sangha and the BUTF (British United TaeKwon-Do  Federation) I found the levels of knowledge and commitment to a true martial art, that I remain thankful for.
 Now as a 6th degree black belt ,having won many medals, and competed at home and abroad I set my sights on what can be achieved by our club. The learning never stops and if the joy I get at teaching continues, I consider myself a very lucky man!!

Master Sangha VIII degree
Mr Snelders' instructor for the last 17 years

Tooting TKD has been going for over 30years under the watchful eye of Master Sangha. His history can be read on the pages of the BUTF's website, but needless to say, those that have trained  with him benefitted from his vast knowledge. All of the black belts in Clapham and Croydon schools have gratefully been provided with extra tuition at Tooting through the generosity of this genuine master of TaeKwon-Do.

It was therefore immensely sad news that this great man passed away on 22nd September 2013. As Tooting carries on it is hard not to remember only his smiles and encouragement. His legacy is one of only positive things in life. I would like to thank him for enriching my life and all those that have gone through the doors at Tooting.



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